31 July 2012

Irminsul, Yggdrasil and Wikipedia


Irminsul, the Externsteine Relief (above) and Wikipedia's list of early 'sacred' poles- Asherah, Yggdrasil, Maypole, Palmette, Celtic Cross, Roland, Sacred Groves, Sacred tree at Uppsala and the Thor's Oak.
A pattern emerges. The Externsteine Relief is said to show the defeated Irminsul palmette on the lower right corner being replaced by the victorious Christian version of  a nearly identical symbol - rebranding and re-rebranding - usually without acknowledgement of the copyright infringment.  But here is an actual snapshot of the branding switch - with Christ just being removed. The victors must assume (this assumes assuming victors) that the gap between the two versions will be bridged by the sheer dumbness on the part of the vanquished or some psychic "persistence of vision" of Jung's Archtypes across the brains of the trampled populace. Compare earlier post - Swiss Pissing Contest - your steeple is bad and my steeple, good, better, best.  Click to enlarge images below.

Assumed Irmisul from Relief above, lower right
From etching by Elias van Lennep, 1663

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