24 September 2010

Jeff Colson, "Shrine, 2008"

Jeff Colson's "Shrine" fiberglass, steel, and acrylic 12 ft (H) x 62" (W) x 12" (D) Ace Gallery, Los Angeles from October 23 through December 2010.  Is Jeff's "Shrine" the Zen form/nonform of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe?  Ref: earlier Nuestra Señora post.  From Jeff's gallery's press release-
"At the core of Colson􀀁s work is a witty sense of humor and an awareness that artistic inspiration can be found in many unlikely places. For example, a large sculpture that the artist refers to as a 'hot dog boat,' was in fact based on a vision of the Virgin Mary that he had while driving. The sculpture resembles that of a halo outline, yet does not reflect the artist􀀁s thoughts on religion, but rather it implies, according to Colson, 'a yearning quality that is earthbound and in reality will not fly.' Constructions of yearning, anticipation and the foreshadowing of impending demise dominate Colson􀀁s artworks making the viewer aware that although the pieces appear to be blank slates, they do in fact carry many potential messages."

Hmmm, "hot dog boat" - interesting turn of de lingua, not my words. 

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