06 January 2007

Storied Monkey Riding Subconscious Tiger

I am more and more puzzled about how deeply we unquestioningly act out the drama within the archetypal, especially, per this blog, within the coital archetypal, while on the face of it, the act of sex, as only one example, in judeo- christian- islamic Abramic Yahweh- Jesus- Allah culture of the present patriarchal, always warring paradigm, is "sehr forbotten". But it is the sex, not a killing war, that is forbidden. Yet no one seems to have a problem hanging the symbolic vulvic wreath on the phallic door; nor a cowboy boot, tire or bottle atop a fence post - but strangely, this is done for no conscious reason whatsoever, just somehow makes "them" feel better. Perhaps, it's the "them" that's the rub. Here's a hint for the New Year from the NY Times - click to the full article:

from Dennis Overbye Free Will: Now You Have It, Now You Don’t New York Times, January 2, 2007

"Having just lived through another New Year’s Eve, many of you have just resolved to be better, wiser, stronger and richer in the coming months and years. After all, we’re free humans, not slaves, robots or animals doomed to repeat the same boring mistakes over and over again. As William James wrote in 1890, the whole “sting and excitement” of life comes from “our sense that in it things are really being decided from one moment to another, and that it is not the dull rattling off of a chain that was forged innumerable ages ago.” Get over it, Dr. James. Go get yourself fitted for a new chain-mail vest. A bevy of experiments in recent years suggest that the conscious mind is like a monkey riding a tiger of subconscious decisions and actions in progress, frantically making up stories about being in control."

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