09 December 2006

Boots/posts to Crowns/thorns

So, our farmer hangs rubber tires on metal posts - why? - does it feel like the "right" thing to do? Commercial offerings of "wreath stands" - the "right thing to sell"? Christmas Wreath on a municipal lamp post on a bridge - the "right city thing". Colorful wreath hung on a stake over a California grave - staves off sadness?!

I am told that the mental exercise of bringing "water to a fish" or "ice to an Eskimo" (or spirituality to a Christian) is a logical impossibility - ie, becasue no one can step outside of ourselves to make that examination. But when we insist on a dogma - whose ancient origins we have never thought to question - such dogma by which its believing causes, no REQUIRES, the present and future death and destruction of fellow humans - then, at least, we in the fringe, can attempt to discuss "water with the fishes".

Tis the season for transition - our second motif - "crown of thorns" - "rings of stones" - "vagina dentata" - vulvas made up with phalli - see next posts.

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