25 August 2006

More Boots ATOP Posts

Left above: Back from a two week holiday in Dick Cheney's State of Wyoming with two more cowboy boots atop gateposts (double entendre!) found south of the town of Douglas, the "Jackalope" (antlered bunnys) Capital of the World. The "jackalope" is the American cousin of the "raurackl", the German stag-hare. Certainly, we could begin to add to this blog other "coital oxymorons" - already "gatepost", "cowboy"; consider "belltower", "penrose" or the ancient intended boy/girl word construct - "rosicrucian".

Then right above: photos of two boots on a fence outside of Kerrville, Texas received from Ted Parker of Mason, Texas. If you too have driven by these extemporaneous coital sculptures, please submit any of your photos of "boots atop posts" or related subjects to my email address fraterholme@comcast.net and they will be "posted" here.

Photo below: "Shoe Gate" in New Orleans, January 26, 2001

Now, to review -as blogging is "newest first, oldest last" format - a reminder to take a look first of the older entries - the present thread (perhaps, thin) of this blog is "coital motifs" woven in and out of the sacred and the mundane. To wit - from June 13th's post:

a] "trophy cup" - more or less equal parts male and female "attributes", ie "shoe-atop-post"; "the Holy Grail"; "bell/ghanta";

b] "holly wreath" - the vulvic circle made up of phallic parts, ie "crown of thorns"; "ring of keys", "stone circles";

c] "flowered rod" - the phallic wrapped with various female "attributes", probably our anathemic "asher'ah" object.

d] "axis mundi" - more a virtual male "pole" around which dynamically turns the "feminine" aspect, ie a female earth turning on a male axis as - the ziggurat or "Tower of Babel" winding up vertically to the heavens.

The next three entries will conclude the "trophy" motif and we must let our "boots atop posts" ride off into the sunset.


Dimitri said...

Dear Sir,

As an individual who has traveled far and wide, what does it say to you that such
Boots Atop Posts seem to be prevalent in the US of A only?

In the country where I live,
we have beer cans atop posts, Cola bottles on posts, and sheep skulls atop posts?

Is there - in your opinion - a difference in the symbology of the whole concept - depending on using a boot or a skull - or does it all signify the same?


Gary Regester said...

All signifies the same, but as to sheep skulls vs Cola cans? have you photos of sheep's heads? Compare Freud's Boots with Gimbutas' Skulls - was denken du?


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