14 June 2006

Speak! O! Sphinx!

It would be well if the males' compensations - for their lack of connection with Nature; for any obvious continuation beyond death (as women have through birth giving); and for fear of life itself - would simply stop with his invented symbols, written language, wars and religions - BUT he does not stop there - instead he immediately HIDES, whatever his latest invented compensation, inside a somewhat literal inversion of the “Pandora’s Box” mythos.

That is, the male hides that latest paradigm – enclosing all his evil inside the Box - and then he EXCLUDES Pandora and her sisters from seeing what new inventions are inside His SPECIAL box. If we apply the logic - "if smoke, then fire" – that is, if the evidence is first observed that there is now a blatant exclusion of women from the latest male construct, then we may conclude that there is a new paradigm defining one of man’s latest false compensations against death and his fear of living.

As possible examples-
If no female teachers; then education and alphanumeric systems are a false male compensation.
If no female priests; then religions, abstract belief systems are. . . .
If no female doctors; then study of medicine and life sciences are. . .
If no female vote; then government, borders, land boundaries are. .
If no female lawyers; then law systems, corporations, last wills and testaments
If no female soldiers; then wars and implements of war,
If no female inquisitors; then sin, guilt, evil, Devils
If no female competitors; then team sports, races, race cars
If no actresses (kabuki, Shakespeare, Greek); then theater, politics
If no female brotherhoods; then secret societies, fraternities
If no female name givers (nominclators); then naming names, patronyms (male surnames), sacred divine names (“in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost”); honorifics, titles, magic incantations– (cf: Egypt: Hekau below.)

In all, one aweful Tool Box of futile and failed wonders.

Interestingly, one learns with little study that most or all of these constructs mentioned above are not even male inventions, but rather direct robberies from Pandora- as example, from RC Camphausen: “incantations or magic words = the Egyptian “hekau” (from Hekat - Egyptian toad-headed goddess of birth) comes from the Thracian Goddess Hecate (“older than Zeus and Osiris”) who is the archetypal high goddess of magic (her name means “Extending Her Will from Afar”). In this sense then, perhaps “Words of Power” (hekau/magic) do not necessarily/always have to be male-made.”


Anonymous said...

Gary, It's me Linda R. So...I'm speaking in simpler terms but what I have been taught is..The Goddess is of the earth and is concerned with growth, life and propogation. The God religions are "sky Religions" and have little contact with life as such, little contact with growth, instead they amass, fight and control.

Right now, tonight our world is in danger of being brought to death by men. All those soldiers are children. they are some mother's son/daughters. How have we perverted women to make them soldiers of this regeim?

Gary Regester said...

The Goddess is first of the Earth, but Her Blood is tied to the wax/wane of that "sky religion", the Moon. All, one Nature beyond the control of Humankind.

The jealous male invents a failed spin of "his" ONE Sky God. And His Blood? As you suggest - with no contact with Nature, his "jingoistic" bleeding, destruction and death is everywhere.

Single tasking, the yX male can do one thing and one thing well - he can point His "tool" - usually to draw Sacred Blood. (TV remotes were a huge hit among yX folk!)

And, it follows, the yX's Monotheism is a "killer" hit, too. Puzzle is, as you said, "Mommas (XX owners), why do you let your babies grow up to be One."


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