28 May 2006

Why does the rancher put boots on fence posts?

The good Frater Holme's raison d’être is to physically demonstrate the premise (theorem) that "sacred" symbols so peculate into [and out of] mundane and profane everyday objects; that such phenomena / relationships refute both Protestantism' literalism [univocation, i.e., "my way or the highway"] AND Catholic scholasticism; "both which are exterminators of symbolism" [Norman O. Brown, "Love's Body", 1966, pg 199]; meaning that there is no escape from the overwhelming superiority of symbolism mediating within the human psyche - "put down your weapons [words, idols and other third party meditations] and step away from your [expensive] vehicle!" "For the letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth life." 2 Cor 3.6   Cf Carl Jung's "Numinosum".

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